Announcing Q3’s Team of the Quarter!

Quarter 3 marked an exciting time for all project sites and their respective Project Coordinators. Turning the corner into the second half of the year, PCs hit their strides with Swahili, they deepened their relationships with Project Partners and community members to a new level, and they helped the projects reach new heights. One team in particular excelled in several areas of project management and leadership. We are happy to announce that the Quarter 3 Team of the Quarter is…KIJUNGUMOTO! Congratulations to Geoff Tam and Jonah Wilkof for going the extra mile and driving the project forward!
Throughout the year Geoff and Jonah were viewed by Partners as leaders who had passion and dedication to enhance the project as well as creative ideas to do so. They played an active role in group meetings and even established a more structured agenda that enables the group’s leadership to fulfill their potential by driving the meetings themselves. Geoff and Jonah were also instrumental in implementing a crop rotation system as well as executing a trial run for new bucket drip irrigation systems in the home gardens. Throughout this process, they helped build the Partners’ capacity by constructing the systems and conducting the trials together as a group instead of hiring external support.
Their hard work did not stop in the meetings and home gardens. They also got a little nuts on the farm as they initiated a strategy for intercropping peanuts with maize on Partners’ personal farms. And have you heard the latest buzz about the Kmoto honey business!? This year Geoff and Jonah helped design and implement a new group financial management system which creates opportunities for group savings and individual profits! This system is designed to propel the business towards self-sufficiency while also opening doors for consistent incomes for group members.
Can you believe that most of this work was completed during Quarter 3 on top of: investing in new hives for the honey business, experimenting with sunflowers as a bee-attracting flower, leading by example in the PC group and consistently producing quality work!? Way to go, Geoff and Jonah! Congrats on a job well done!

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