Introducing our 6th Class of Project Coordinators!

Today and tomorrow, our 6th Class of Project Coordinators is arriving in Tanzania! They’ll head to Korogwe shortly after arriving, and begin 10 days of orientation where they’ll learn more about 2Seeds’ methodology and their projects, and ramp up their Swahili learning. We have a smart, dedicated group of individuals who are committed to helping bring our Partners’ businesses to a self-sustaining state.

Meet the team:

Billy Beaver Bungu Project

Billy Beaver
Bungu Project

Billy joins 2Seeds from the global communications firm APCO Worldwide, where he was involved with both government relations and multinational communications projects, the majority of which focused on Eastern Europe and Central Asia. While continuing—and hopefully accelerating—the progress of the Bungu Project, he plans to draw on his communications background to maintain close ties with project donors and transparently communicate the impact their support is having.

Domenique Ciavattone Bombo Majimoto Project

Domenique Ciavattone
Bombo Majimoto Project

Dom graduated from Stonehill College in 2013 with a dual degree in Communication and Interdisciplinary Studies focused on Global Social Justice: Consciousness, Communities and Change. Dom has a passion for traveling and learning about communities, cultures and languages. Before becoming a PC with 2Seeds in 2014, she served for 10 months with AmeriCorps’ first arts-funded program, MusicianCorps, a nonprofit organization that uses music in the community to reach, teach and heal. She is eager to embark on another year with her Bombo family as a 2nd Year PC, and is excited to see the project take off after an incredible transitional year.

Andrew Curran - Lutindi

Andrew Curran Lutindi Project

Andrew grew up in Medfield, Massachusetts and graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and International Studies from Stonehill College in 2015. After working at the Farm at Stonehill, which works to alleviate food insecurity in its surrounding communities, his many interests came into focus. Andrew created his own interdisciplinary minor in Sustainable Development, fusing coursework from the departments of economics, environmental science, and international studies. He traveled with the International Honors Program to Kathmandu, Nepal, Amman, Jordan, and Santiago, Chile. Andrew is ecstatic to be welcomed into the beautiful Lutindi community, and even more excited to build lasting relationships and be a part of such meaningful work.

Jeremy Harding Masoko Project

Jeremy was born and raised in Syracuse, New York and graduated from the University of Rochester with a degree in Public Health. 2Seeds’ unique model and set of values, plus his interest in sustainable development drew Jeremy to join 2Seeds Network in 2014. He worked as a Project Coordinator with the Kwakiliga Project for 2014-2015. Jeremy is thrilled to have the opportunity to build on the amazing relationships he has built this year and use his newly gained experience to do meaningful, impactful work with the Masoko Project.

Katie Imhoff Magoma-Kwata Project

Katie Imhoff
Magoma-Kwata Project

Katie Imhoff is originally from Denver, Colorado. She graduated in May of 2015 from Wake Forest University with a B.A. in Politics and International Affairs and a B.A. in Religious Studies, with a concentration in Religion and Public Engagement. During her undergraduate career, Katie studied abroad in Nepal, Jordan, and Chile, as part of the International Honors Program: Human Rights. She is passionate about food security and poverty alleviation in both the United States and abroad, mentoring high school students through the ministry of Young Life, and fighting for the places where religious life and social activism intersect. Katie is excited about this year with the Magoma-Kwata project, forging new relationships with Tanzanian partners, and learning about living a meaningful story.

Jill Jahns Kijungumoto Project

Jill Jahns
Kijungumoto Project

Jill Jahns grew up in Brenham, Texas with her parents and three younger siblings. She graduated from Austin College in 2013 with a major in Sociology and a minor in Communications. During her time at Austin College, she traveled to Rusinga Island, Kenya through the Global Outreach Fellowship Program. This experience solidified her desire to work in global development and public health. To continue along this path, Jill received her Master’s in Public Health from Texas A&M University in 2015, with a concentration in Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences. The program taught her many valuable lessons and skills, particularly the importance of community collaboration and building relationships. Through a required practicum experience, she traveled to Antigua, Guatemala to expand gardens in the homes of school children and increase their knowledge of nutrition.

Olivia Kumro Magoma-Kijango Project

Olivia Kumro
Magoma-Kijango Project

Olivia graduated from Cornell University with a major in Biology and Society and a minor in Global Health. Through the Global Health program at Cornell, she spent the summer of 2013 living with a homestay family in the small Tanzanian village of King’Ori. There, she taught about HIV prevention and helped conduct HIV testing. Olivia has traveled extensively, visiting all continents except for Antarctica. Olivia is incredibly excited to be a Project Coordinator for the Magoma-Kijango project, and is eager to make an impact during her time there.

Austin Leefers Lutindi Project

Austin Leefers
Lutindi Project

Austin grew up on a family corn and cattle farm in rural Illinois. He attended the University of Illinois and studied International Relations with a focus on ethnic conflict and resolution. He graduated from Hult International Business School with a Masters in International Business from the school’s campus in Dubai, UAE. He completed a consulting project for an international firm in Shanghai, China before returning to Dubai to intern with the Commercial Attache at the US Consulate. He is excited to contribute his agricultural and business skills to further the 2Seeds mission.

Sarah Mulligan Magoma-Kwata Project

Sarah Mulligan
Magoma-Kwata Project

Sarah is from Richmond, Virginia. She graduated from Elon University with a B.A. in Strategic Communications and minors in Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Psychology. Sarah fell in love with East Africa while studying Wildlife Management with the School for Field Studies in Kenya & Tanzania. While conducting independent research on how demographic variables influence individuals’ attitudes towards elephants in northern Tanzania, Sarah had the chance to conduct in-depth personal interviews with farmers and business owners. Sarah is excited for the opportunity to join the 2Seeds team and can’t wait to return to Tanzania while working on the Magoma-Kwata Project. She is looking forward to working alongside her Tanzanian Partners, building lifelong relationships, and mastering her Swahili.

Antal Neville Bungu Project

Antal Neville
Bungu Project

Antal grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from The American University of Paris in 2010 with a BA in Comparative Literature and Philosophy. After earning his degree, he had some adventures as a freelance journalist, including a Paris Hilton stakeout with Hollywood paparazzi and an excursion to Cuba to document the revival of religion in the socialist country. Immediately before joining 2Seeds, Antal worked as a research analyst for IBISWorld, a company that specializes in providing industry information to financial service and consulting firms. Antal is interested in applying business practices and market principles to address social needs, specifically in the fields of sustainability and economic development. After working with this aim to address food and income security challenges in Bungu, he plans to earn an MBA with a focus in social enterprise.

Isabel Nuesse Tabora Project

Isabel Nuesse
Tabora Project

Isabel is from Hull, MA and graduated from Elon University in 2015 with an Independent Major, Sustainable Business Development. It has always been her interest to promote sustainable growth/implementation in communities and industries alike. She is a firm believer in using agriculture as a means to develop human capital and eventually hopes to integrate sustainable practices into the current food system. Motivated by the challenges of the world, Isabel is ready to take on her next venture.  She is honored to be a part of 2Seeds and cannot wait to work on the Tabora Project. Her hope is to create lasting relationships amongst the members of the community and to learn something new about herself, and others, each day she’s in Tanzania.

David Robinson Masoko Project

David Robinson
Masoko Project

After visiting the Kariakoo Market several times in 2014, David became fascinated by the Masoko Project and the potential impact that widespread crop data could have on smallholder farmers. Born outside of Boston, David is a graduate of Haverford College, where he first developed passions for sustainable food systems. He will be a second year Project Coordinator at 2Seeds after working with the Magoma Project in 2014-2015 to build an integrated agricultural system to feed a meal’s program at the local primary school. David is excited to build on his experience in a rural farming community by addressing the same challenges at a higher level of the agricultural value chain.

Jimmy Schneidewind Kwakiliga Project

Jimmy Schneidewind
Kwakiliga Project

Jimmy Schneidewind recently received a dual Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Business Administration from the University of Michigan (UM). During his time at UM, Jimmy completed an internship with the Liberian Ministry of Health and worked as a consultant for Women’s Campaign International as part of Esso’s Women’s Economic Opportunities Initiative in Angola. Prior to enrolling at UM, Jimmy spent two years as a Public Policy Associate with AIDS United in Washington, D.C. From 2007-2009, Jimmy was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mozambique. His work focused on public health and youth development, both on a community-level. Jimmy received his B.A. in Social Relations and Policy from James Madison College at Michigan State University. Jimmy is excited to join 2Seeds and the Kwakiliga Project. He is also looking forward to being a highly productive member of the Kwakiliga soccer team, an opportunity for which he has been in rigorous training.

Anna Tallmadge Magoma-Kijango Project

Anna Tallmadge
Magoma-Kijango Project

Anna is a native of Colchester, Vermont, where she first developed a love for farming. She graduated from Stonehill College in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in a self-created, interdisciplinary major focusing on global health. During her junior year, she studied abroad in India, Vietnam, South Africa and Nepal and studied the intersection of health, culture and community development. During this year abroad, Anna developed an interest in food security and, upon returning to Stonehill, she cultivated this new interest by volunteering at her campus farm, taking classes about sustainable agriculture and setting up an independent research project on global food security. When Anna found out about 2Seeds, she knew it was the perfect fit for her! Anna is very excited to become part of the Magoma-Kijango community and hopes to master the Swahili language, learn how to cook ugali, and work tirelessly with her Tanzanian Partners to set up new projects!


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